Where To Shoot a Deer

Regardless of whether you’re hunting deer with a black powder rifle, bow and arrow, or a high powered hunting rifle, shot placement on a deer is always going to be the same. The best location to shoot a deer is through the lungs or heart.

It doesn’t matter which of those two organs you hope to hit, you’ll be aiming at the same spot on the deer. And whether you hit the lungs or the heart, or both, is irrelevant. However a shot to any other part of the body will likely allow the deer to run a great distance before succumbing to his injuries. The farther the deer runs, the less likely it will be that you’ll be able to find it. And of course, it goes without saying, that a poorly placed shot will cause more pain a suffering for the animal.

So, when you’re aiming at a deer, you always want to aim at the chest immediately behind the front legs. In almost every instance you’ll want to wait until the deer has turned broad side from your vantage point so that you can have the greatest chance of hitting that right spot. Furthermore, making a gentle click or grunt noise with your mouth will often cause the deer to suddenly stop and listen in an effort to figure out what that noise was. This makes it easier for you because the deer is no longer moving. This will be your opportunity to shoot.

The red spot in this photo shows where to shoot a deer.

Where to shoot a deer

However if your hunting from a tree stand or other elevated platform, you’ll want to raise your aiming point. The reason for this is because you’ll be shooting at a downward angle.

The photo below shows where to aim at a deer when shooting from a tree stand. (The photo assumes the hunter is to the right and above the image.)

Where to shoot a deer from a tree stand

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