Where Can I Buy Guns

Buy Firearms Online

Two of the best places to buy firearms, whether online or in person, is through Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.

Both stores have a large selection of firearms available. However, only black powder rifles and pistols can be purchased online.

Both stores have great selections of modern inline firearms and antique replicas.

If you’re not familiar with all the changes that have taken place in muzzleloading technology since about the year 2000, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that muzzleloaders have become even easier to clean than regular firearms and are just as accurate. A .50 caliber break action muzzleloader can take down any big game animal in North America from more than 100 yards.

And these rifles are very affordable, averaging around $300. You can place your order online and have it shipped right to your door.

By hunting with a muzzleloader, you can have an extended hunting season by taking advantage of muzzleloading season which is available in most states. In Florida for example, muzzleloading season usually falls between archery season and the regular gun season. By having a muzzleloader you can hunt during both muzzleloading season and regular gun season, however, you’ll need an additional stamp on your hunting license to hunt during muzzleloading season.

The three biggest manufactures of muzzleloading rifles for hunting are CVA, Thompson/Center, and Traditions. All of them make outstanding firearms. I have my personal preference and if you hang out a little while on this blog you’ll be able to figure out which one is my favorite.

Black powder pistols come mostly as civil war era replicas as well as the earlier flintlock pistols like those that were used during the revolutionary war. There are, however, some modern day inline muzzleloading pistols in .50 caliber that are made for hog hunting. These are essentially a rifle with a short barrel and a pistol grip instead of a stock.

If you want the convenience of purchasing a gun online, then muzzleloaders are the way to go. Check out more muzzleloading rifles and black powder pistols at both Cabela’s
and Bass Pro Shops.