The Need To Join The NRA

Now more than ever you need to support the right to own firearms by joining the NRA. Our nation is moving rapidly toward a day when no one will qualify for legal ownership of firearms.

Our Constitution states that only Congress can make new laws and the President either approves or vetoes the laws created by Congress. But President Obama is skirting that responsibility and acting more and more like a dictator by passing executive orders that supersede the will of the American people.

Upon reading these executive orders one can easily see how they can lead to the confiscation of firearms, including muzzleloading firearms.

The National Rifle Association has spent decades pulling together resources capable of defending our rights as gun owners from those in Washington who want to take our guns away from us. However, the NRA receives 100% of its operating budget from membership dues and donations. That being the case, I want to urge you to join or renew your membership to the NRA today.

Use the link below (click on the eagle) and it will take you to an official NRA page where you can defend freedom from tyranny by helping to protect your second amendment rights.

Join now, before it’s too late.

(photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons: Remember Memorial Day by Sean McMenemy)

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