Learn To Hunt – Devin Brewer Shares the Must Know Secrets To Successful Deer Hunting

Learn To Hunt Mule DeerI just finished reading Devin Brewer’s e-book The Nine Secrets Principals of Deer Hunting Success and it is an absolute must read for anyone interested in learning how to hunt.

Being a professional journalist, Devin put his journalism degree into high gear when, after several years of unsuccessful hunting trips, he decided to find out from the experts what the secrets of hunting were. He spent hours upon hours interviewing, researching and studying the best hunters in America.

He describes a fog slowly lifting from his mind as dots gradually began connecting to one another. And the most remarkable thing about his research was that although each of these hunters were pursuing different prey in different terrain using different weapons through a variety of different ecosystems, Devin began to see common threads among all of their tactics. Whether hunting with a bow, rifle, muzzleloader or cross bow, they all had some things in common. Whether hunting whitetail, Mule deer or Blacktail deer every hunter had nine principals in common that Devin spells out in his ebook.

If you didn’t grow up hunting, and as an adult have gained a new interest in learning to hunt big game, it goes without saying that you’re starting from a position of not knowing anything. This is especially true if you’ve spent most of your adult life living among asphalt, cement, and well manicured lawns. There may be some of you, new to hunting, who have never actually seen a deer in the wild. But that’s OK, we all have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is The Nine Secrets Principals of Deer Hunting Success by Devin Brewer available on his website Hungry For Hunting.

Here’s the thing that makes his book so awesome. By reading it, you’re able to bypass the endless hours of research he had to do to discover these secrets. Once you’ve read it, you can use each of the nine principals as a starting point for additional study in which to learn to implement these principals.

If you want to learn how to hunt deer, read his book first. Then, go out across the internet to learn how to put these principals into practice. After that, the only thing left to do is get outdoors.

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