Knight Bighorn

Knight Rifles produces some of the finest black powder rifles made today and the Knight bighorn is among their best. These rifles even come “Western Ready” able to use three different ignition systems so that they are adaptable and flexible to rules of the state in which you hunt.

The knight bighorn comes with an amazing 200 Yard Guaranteed Shot Accuracy. Knight believes, and I don’t argue, that they have the most accurate muzzleloader in the industry.

The knight bighorn is a .50 caliber muzzleloader that comes in black or camouflage. The rifle weighs only 7 pounds, 3 ounces and has a carbon core ramrod and all of Knight’s rifles are American made.

“During last year’s muzzleloader season I used a muzzleloader that failed because of moisture and a 350 pounder got away. But this year I used a Knight Bighorn and it performed flawlessly in the cold, wet, snowy conditions. I was able to bring down a big elk! I’m really happy with this gun and will continue to use it every muzzleloading season.” ~Charles, Grand Mound Washington~

Check out the Knight Bighorn at Knight’s website.