Is Reloading 9mm Worth It – The Coming Lead Bullet Ban

reloading 9mmWhen someone asks me if reloading 9mm is worth it, they are usually attempting to calculate the cost per bullet of professionally made ammunition vs reloaded ammunition. And when it comes to 9mm, I would estimate that if you come home from the range with more 9mm shells than you fired, it’s a financial savings.

But what’s of much greater value than the cost of a bullet is your second amendment rights and we’ve already seen the lead bullet ban in California. I believe that now is the time to learn how to reload your own bullets, regardless of cost or savings.

In my opinion, it just makes since that liberals and those who support gun control would try to ban bullets, and how better to start than by banning lead, a very poisonous and environmentally dangerous substance. Think about it this way, every outdoor gun range in America has tons of lead in their berms. Any environmentalist could claim that it’s killing condors or ground hogs or spotted owls.

If lead bans begin going into effect and the government begins weeding out the availability of lead from our country, the cost of lead will greatly increase (supply and demand). The government may also enact strict regulations on lead, forcing prospective buyers to fill out all kinds of bureaucratic paperwork just to get some sort of government license to allow the purchase. In the end it will be a sneaky form of gun control because what good is a gun without bullets?

But one might say “If that happens I’ll go out and buy a reloading press and some bullet casting equipment.” But the problem with waiting until it’s happening is that everyone else will be buying reloading presses and casting equipment (supply and demand, the cost goes up). And once the government has effectively banned the sale of lead, where are you going to go to get some?

I believe that it is well worth it to spend a little time learning now, how to reload your own ammunition and to cast your own bullets while these materials and equipment are still readily available.

My personal goal is to collect 1,000 pounds of scrap lead (an amount that won’t take up a lot of space but is enough to make 56,000 bullets) and recast it into ingots and store it in the event a future bullet ban is successful. To store it safely I plan to put a small wooden pallet in the garage and build a wooden crate on top of the pallet. I’ll line it with a thick plastic bag such as a gaylord pallet cover. Then fill the crate with 1,000 one pound lead ingot bars cast from lead scrap collected for free or nearly free from around my city and county. I would then zip tie the plastic bag closed and screw on the wooden crate lid.

I would then collect another 100 or 200 pounds of lead to use now for learning to perfect my bullet casting process.

I believe it’s inevitable that the government will try to ban lead bullets, which is essentially a ban on all bullets. They’ll do so as a sneaky attempt at gun control. If that happens, we may see ammunition costing $100 per box or we’ll see pages of required government paperwork and background checks just to purchase a handful of bullets.

Before that happens, now’s the time to learn how to reload and to cast your own bullets.

What’s the cost savings of reloading 9mm? I’m not exactly sure but there may come a day when you can’t even buy 9mm ammo anymore. So why not learn how to make them yourself?

Photo credit: flickr Creativ Commons, Bullet Casings by Sue Clark

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