Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban – Your Muzzleloader is an assault weapon

Dianne Feinstein introduced her assault weapon ban legislation to the Senate in January. In her legislation, she attempts to define what an assault weapon is. The bill lists several features that she claims describe an assault weapon. The bill goes even further, and this it where it gets troubling for black powder shooters, in that the bill declares any weapon that has even just one of the listed features is to be considered an assault weapon.

One of those features listed is a thumbhole stock. Many modern muzzleloaders have this feature, which is designed to make the rifle more comfortable to hold while shooting.

The end result of such a ban would be that manufactures would have to discontinue making thumbhole stocks on muzzleloaders. However, of greater concern is the portion of the Feinstein assault weapons ban that will make it illegal to transfer assault weapons to anyone. That means that you will never be able to sell your muzzleloader if it has a thumbhole stock, nor will you be able to give it to your son or even let him shoot it during hunting season. Your only course of action would be to either turn it over to the government, in other words have it confiscated, or to keep it until you die, at which time your family would be forced to turn it over to the government, (in other words – confiscated).

To prevent this from happening, here are three things you can do:

Write your congressman – Go to the website for the United States Senate, from there you can find the senators that represent your state. Email them and tell them you oppose any new gun ban legislation.

Join the NRA – The NRA is looking out for you and your gun rights. It doesn’t cost much to join and doing so will help them to continue in their fight to defend our rights to bear arms.

Don’t be lulled by liberal media – Over the next several weeks you will hear many liberal media outlets claiming that the Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban has an uphill battle and will not likely pass. Keep in mind, however, that the liberal media has an incentive to see the gun ban pass and will do anything to help it succeed. It’s not beyond reasonable suspicion to believe that they will intentionally produce news articles designed to calm and quiet the gun rights advocates. Once the current firestorm of resistance is quieted down, liberal senators like Dianne Feinstein will have an easier time getting the ban, or portions of it, passed.