Gun Show Loophole – How to Buy a Gun without a Background Check

Disclaimer – This article is written for law abiding citizens. It is illegal for felons to purchase any firearm.

Why would a law abiding citizen want to buy a gun without a background check?

First of all, the best deals on any item (guns or otherwise) is to buy it second hand. I once paid $10 at a garage sale for a pair of golfing shoes that had originally retailed for nearly $200. And these shoes were still in excellent condition. If you buy a used gun from a gun store or a pawn shop, you’re likely to pay top dollar for that used gun. But if you can find some average guy or gal who owns a gun and wants to sell it, you can usually get… Continue reading

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban – Your Muzzleloader is an assault weapon

Dianne Feinstein introduced her assault weapon ban legislation to the Senate in January. In her legislation, she attempts to define what an assault weapon is. The bill lists several features that she claims describe an assault weapon. The bill goes even further, and this it where it gets troubling for black powder shooters, in that the bill declares any weapon that has even just one of the listed features is to be considered an assault weapon.

One of those features listed is a thumbhole stock. Many modern muzzleloaders have this feature, which is designed to make the rifle more comfortable to hold while shooting.

The… Continue reading

The Need To Join The NRA

Now more than ever you need to support the right to own firearms by joining the NRA. Our nation is moving rapidly toward a day when no one will qualify for legal ownership of firearms.

Our Constitution states that only Congress can make new laws and the President either approves or vetoes the laws created by Congress. But President Obama is skirting that responsibility and acting more and more like a dictator by passing executive orders that supersede the will of the American people.

Upon reading these executive orders one can easily see how they can lead to the confiscation of firearms, including muzzleloading firearms.

The National Rifle Association has spent… Continue reading

Can a Felon Own A Muzzleloader

Is a muzzleloader considered a firearm

It’s illegal for any convicted felon to possess a firearm, but there seems to be an understandable amount of confusion among those who, in their past, have had run-ins with the law and are now wondering if they can take up hunting by means of a muzzleloader because a muzzleloading rifle is technically not considered a firearm.

However, this designation is not intended for the benefit of the purchaser, but rather, for the benefit of the manufacturer as well as the retailer. The fact that black powder muzzleloading rifles and pistols are not considered firearms means that they can avoid many state and federal regulations. Thus if your grandpa has a woodworking shop… Continue reading