Gun Show Loophole – How to Buy a Gun without a Background Check

Disclaimer – This article is written for law abiding citizens. It is illegal for felons to purchase any firearm.

Why would a law abiding citizen want to buy a gun without a background check?

First of all, the best deals on any item (guns or otherwise) is to buy it second hand. I once paid $10 at a garage sale for a pair of golfing shoes that had originally retailed for nearly $200. And these shoes were still in excellent condition. If you buy a used gun from a gun store or a pawn shop, you’re likely to pay top dollar for that used gun. But if you can find some average guy or gal who owns a gun and wants to sell it, you can usually get… Continue reading

Muzzleloader Accuracy

Do you own a modern inline muzzleloader? Well, check this out…..
The Burris Eliminator III Reticle Laser Scope, is able to perform all the distance, elevation, and adjustment calculations for you. It tells you exactly where to place the cross hair, not matter how far away you are. This can push muzzleloader accuracy out to 300+ yards, making your muzzleloader suitable for any type of hunting in any season.

Check out this video:

And check out the Burris Eliminator, on Amazon… Continue reading

How Much Is Lead a Pound

80 Cents per pound.

Wheel Weight lead scrapAs of February 2015 the current market spot price for pure lead is 80 cents per pound. Today I bought 300 pounds of scrap wheel weights for 27 cents per pound. I bought it from a tire sales store.

I had difficulty finding a tire store that would actually sell me their scrap lead. All the national chain stores told me that their scrap lead is collected by “corporate”. I believe it’s most likely recycled into new wheel weights and sold again. But this particular store had run an ad on Craigslist wanting to sell their scrap lead. I drove down there and bought it.

This means that I now need only… Continue reading

Where To Shoot a Hog

Where to shoot a hogHunting wild hogs is very different from hunting deer and requires a different shot placement. Hog’s have a very tough shoulder blade which can stop an arrow and in some cases even a bullet.

Shot placement on a whitetail deer is always a heart or lung shot. However, the best shot placement for a wild hog is behind the ear.

In most situations, this shot will drop a hog right where he’s… Continue reading